The newest project of these four full-blooded brass players and their splendid drummer is called BRASSical. Music flows into a story which, in turn, sets the stage for the music. Music and instruments become part of a sound-theater piece. Mimicry, motion, and music are the three style elements with which the Schnaftls tell wonderful stories.

The Schnaftls playfully interpret the questions that move society. The diversity is apparent in a truly moving musical journey through "heavy metal brass", choralwaltz, balkan rhythms, west siberian folk songs and polyphonic "song imitation".

One story explains how contemporary social interaction is often dominated by jostling and elbowing. The soloists egotistically interrupt one other, each wanting wave the conductors baton. Who can help, the audience? Is free jazz a solution? Or is the conductors dictatorship the answer? In a medley of 7 pieces the Schnaftls show the tension, pressure, and the desires you find today in the world of music and society.

The five musicians serve their audience musical fireworks, a marvellous stage show, and simply an absolutely relaxing evening.